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Gary and Michelle were amazing.

They really helped guide us through the process of buying a home. They were always there to answer questions, assuage our fears, and help us get the best deal on our home. Couldn’t have asked for a better team!

Brandon & Emily Shorter – 2017

Working with Gary Harris could not have been a more seamless experience.

In a fast paced world such as this, it was refreshing to have a realtor that truly cared about what we wanted. Gary took the time to listen to what it was that we were looking for, and then made it happen. As a first time home buyer, I was expecting the process to be scary and daunting, this was not the case. I never had to worry about the home buying process, as he took care of lots of it behind the scenes. Gary negotiated and got us everything that we wanted. He could not come more highly recommended. GREAT realtor! 5 stars!!!

The Andrews – 2017

Gary helped us with our first home purchase with a VA loan.

He was quick on realizing want we before we even knew it what we wanted. Loads of great advise and always a straight shooter. Great realtor with a great team that is customer focus. Highly recommend. Gary and Michelle were a delight to work with. They went out of their way to make sure our home buying is as smoothly and easy as possible. They never mind last minute appointments nor the late night calls to answer our questions. Gary offered us his knowledge of pros and cons in each and every house we went to look at. Thank you Gary and Michelle! You rock!

Chou – 2020

They are awesome!

they answered any question I had, walked us through the whole process which can be very stressful but not so much with there help. If I ever need any real-estate work they are the first people I will call.

Krcma – 2021

I was referred to Gary and Michelle through Veterans United and I could not have been more blessed!

I was a first time buyer and using my VA benefits. Since I am a disabled veteran and only had 2 days to look at homes before I had to go back to Houston. Knowing the unique needs of my family as well as what we were looking for they researched a list of homes that I had sent them and appointments set up for the 2 days I was in Shawnee. The second day I asked if we could arrange a last minute visit to the first house we had been to on our first day looking. They were so understanding and patient while I was on the phone with my husband in Houston trying to sell him on me making an offer on a house he had never seen. After I made the offer, along with the guys at Veterans United, they jumped through hoops (literally up to the minute we signed the closing papers) to make sure that we could close on time so we could register the kids for school. By the time all was said and done they felt more like family than anything!!! Since I could not go back and forth for all of the inspections and things they worked with my brother so I had someone representing my interest. At the beginning of my journey I was blessed to have great realtors. Now I am blessed to have great friends!!!

Brandy Schafer – 2017

Michelle and Gary Harris are a pleasure to work with, even after closing they continue to go above and beyond to assure, we as first time buyers are satisfied.

Michelle is the behind the scene portion of the team, she works late into the evenings with no complaints, is very timely at returning calls, text & emails. She is highly knowledgeable in her field and took the time to explain the home buying process until even I could understand! Gary…..well after 9 months of driving all over NorthWest OKC, he did not fire us, give up hope, or try to sell us some house we would be unhappy with. Gary spent many hours scheduling, rescheduling, reminded us about schedules and assuring us we would find what we were looking for. After many miles and house showing, two bidding wars, 1 major foundation damaged house and many disagreements between Dave and I (of what we liked) Gary lead us to the house we now call home! I am proud of the relationship we have made with the Harris Team, and can only hope they will be able to serve Dave and I in our future real estate adventures! Gary and Michelle were very knowledgeable and very helpful on walking us through step by step on buying a house. I would definitely recommend them to anyone that is new to buying a house.

Rayna Huffman – 2017

We had a great experience with Gary & Michelle Harris!

They are very knowledgeable and they will work hard for you. I always felt like they had my back and I would recommend them to anyone that needs a good realtor.

John & Terri Allums – 2018

Stressed about transferring duty stations and buying a house for the first time.

Team Harris made everything a breeze. I bought the best house in the shortest amount of time and it wouldn’t of been possible without the help of Team Harris. Rest assured you will have a home right for you with them by your side.

Cardenas – 2020

There are so many great things I could say about Gary and Michelle.

They were there every step of the way (morning and night), knew the VA loan process in and out, and made the purchase of my first VA loan home easy and seamless. Working full time they were able to accommodate my schedule, and did all of the footwork for us to close in a short period of time. I was skeptical of Veterans United for assigning a realtor without offering choices, but I would absolutely recommend them, and I’m so thankful for this team and Veterans United for everything they’ve done! Team Harris managed to turn home buying into a painless process, and we have made great friends for life through all of this. Thank you so much Gary and Michelle! We couldn’t be happier with our new home!

Kinman – 2019

My wife and I really have exact criteria that we wanted for our home.

We let Gary know what we wanted and he started searching. We also searched for a home online. I have to say we were very impressed with Gary because we are so picky. We must have seen 30 homes and some days we would look at 7 homes in one day! When we found the home we wanted, it wasn’t any of the houses that we found. Gary really took the time to understand what it was we were looking for. He found us the perfect home! He didn’t stop there either. After selecting the home, he worked on getting us the best deal! He actually got the seller to pay $7000 of closing costs and the first year of homeowner’s insurance. We are so happy we met Gary. I would recommend him to everyone that is looking to purchase a home. He was very responsive and some times we were calling him late in the evening or early in the morning. Gary didn’t mind at all. He really wants to do his best and find you the perfect home. Thanks, Gary. We really appreciate all you have done for our family.

Steve Seliquini – 2016

Gary and Michelle communicate consistently, were always willing to answer questions and provide information about any part of the home buying process.

Curt Potts – 2018

Gary and Michelle Harris are an Excellent realty group to work with.

They are very knowledgeable in all aspects of the realty field. They are friendly and very helpful. glad we worked with them in buying our new home.

Lansford – 2020

It’s crazy to think that it’s been just over a month since we closed on our first home!

Let me tell you, I was not a fan of the thought of purchasing a home. Large purchases are not my thing! My husbands, yes, but not mine. But GARY & MICHELLE made this process amazing. Gary was there to answer every question and address every concern we had even at 11pm or 5am! Trust me there were those times, when we sent a text or call and he was right there to answer. Michelle was wonderful at answering all the questions we had with documents and making sure we understood everything that was presented to us. Gary & Michelle, my family cannot thank you enough for all your hard work in this process. You both are AMAZING at what you do and it would be an honor to work with you again in the future. Thank you so much!!

Navarro – 2020

Gary and Michelle Harris helped us buy a home while we were out of state.

We are a military family moving to a new duty station, and we wanted to close on a house before arriving so we could transition smoothly. With the housing market going crazy, we had very little confidence in closing on a home, especially since other realtors advised us to empty our bank accounts to put ridiculous cash offers and drop inspections. Gary and Michelle treated us like their family and ensured we were comfortable with every decision and step along the way. They took the time to teach us how to read the market so that we felt confident in our offers and knew we were getting a house at a fair price. We appreciated their quick answers and clear communication from start to finish. When we saw our home, it was everything we needed within our budget, passing every inspection within our time restraints. I don’t think anyone else could have helped us the way they did. 10 out of 10, we recommend them

McLain 2022

It was great working with Gary and Michelle!

They made the home buying experience smooth and simple. They went above and beyond making sure that we were happy with out new home. I highly recommend them if you are looking to buy a home!

Nathan Fisher & Laura Giron – 2017

Gary and Michelle Harris are an outstanding realtor team!

They represented us recently and they did absolutely everything right! They looked out for our interests and they were so prompt in informing us and responding to our questions. Even when they had to consult others, they jumped on the request and got back to us fast. In addition, they are simply two of the nicest people you will meet. My wife and I highly recommend Gary and Michelle!!

Mr. & Mrs. Johns – 2018

“He was very helpful during the home buying process and made sure he always looked into everything we had to worry about.

He noticed issues with the roof for example and made sure they installed a new roof all together”

Ladnyk – 2020

Gary and Michelle were very knowledgeable and very helpful on walking us through step by step on buying a house.

I would definitely recommend them to anyone that is new to buying a house.

Robert Northcross – 2017


Literally the best team I could’ve asked for. Any questions I had they answered. Being a military member my schedule is crazy but they still managed to get back to me within an exceptional time. They say it’s very stressful when buying a house haha nope not when you have team Harris it was so smooth and easy. There are so many good things I could say it just wouldn’t be enough. GREAT TEAM AND GREAT HUMAN BEINGS IM GLAD WE CHOSE YOU!

Martin Chavez - 2022

Gary was really helpful through each phase of our home purchase, and he was willing to jump on a call at pretty much any time to work something out.

He’s also just a nice, plainspoken guy to work with. His knowledge about common repairs was also helpful, because he spotted a potential issue with our home that upon inspection proved fairly significant.

Tim Ariyeh – 2018

I was lucky to work with Gary and Michelle after inquiring about a house for sale online.

Gary helped me find the perfect house, submit an offer and move through inspections seamlessly. Michelle made sure every detail was perfect from an administrative standpoint so there were no hang ups at closing. I couldn’t be happier with my experience!

Jackie Kanak – 2018

Gary Harris deserves the title of Real Estate Professional in every sense.

Every time something needed to be done, he made sure it was done efficiently, with as little effort on my part as possible on the customer’s (my) part. When contacted, Gary walked me through everything I didn’t fully understand, and provided detailed insight for every inquiry I made. Being a first time home buyer, Gary made everything simple and smooth, and I had pleasant experience throughout the entirety of the home buying process. I cannot thank him enough for the opportunity he has helped provide me and my family.

William C Roberson – 2019

Gary is highly recommended.

He is the best realtor we have ever worked with. He would go above and beyond in helping us negotiate the best deal for our property. He showed us many houses and pointed out the problem as he sees it and left it to us making the profound choice. He and Michelle are very proactive in getting back with us to secure the needed paperwork. We would highly recommend Gary!

Casey & Jeff Killion-Letran – 2016

Gary and Michelle were wonderful!

They were super helpful and knowledgeable. We were first time home buyers and they were super patient with all of our questions :)! They also made the process go so smooth and fast! I wouldn’t have chosen anyone different to be our realtors- thank you guys!

Wilbourn – 2021

Incredibly kind people, who keeps your best interest to heart.

They were incredibly knowledgeable, efficient, and quick to act on paperwork. They were extremely understanding. They were willing to take more time out of their day to ensure I was comfortable and confident in my decisions while experiencing my first time purchasing a home. When/if the day comes, I will be working with them again to find another! When viewing houses, Gary was very quick to point out any possible issues. Michelle made sure all issues were 100% resolved before closing! A wonderful team!!

Lanning – 2020

Gary and Michelle worked tirelessly to get us exactly what we wanted in our new home.

They were extremely communicative and we were always able to reach them with any questions or concerns we had during the buying process. They were friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable throughout our entire experience and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for an agent. We had a few issues that we wanted fixed before the big move and they made absolutely sure everything was to our specifications before closing. Thank you, Gary and Michelle! Our entire family loves our new home!

Katie Pennington – 2018

Team Harris for the win.

Gary and Michelle guided us through a stressful buying time and provided sound counsel throughout the process. If you need a realtor team that has your best interests in mind then Team Harris is your pick.

Rose 2021

Team Harris had our back from the beginning.

Even when we got impatient and wanted to give in . They pushed us forward . And the end result was us getting exactly what we wanted . For less . They looked out for us every step of the way . And they are really good , down to earth people . We are forever grateful.

Ewy – 2021

Michelle and Gary Harris are the most kind, thoughtful, knowledge Realtors I work with as a mortgage lender of 15+ years.

They provide superior communication during the transaction which is key. I’ve closed dozens of clients with them and all walk away happy. Those that I referred to Gary and Michelle and delighted to work with then. They help me establish trust with my clients and know that they also have a top tier mortgage company on their side.

Matt McDaniel, Lender – 2018

Gary and Michelle turned one of the biggest decisions of our lives into one of the easiest processes.

Our story shows how much they care about their clients. This was a first home purchase and we were completely new to this process. I was stationed in South Korea and received orders to Fort Sill, Oklahoma. Due to Covid-19, my orders were delayed which in turn gave my wife and I roughly a month and a half to find a house. My wife was staying in California while I was overseas making this process even more complicated (16-hour time difference). This entire house buying process was basically done in complete trust with Gary and Michelle. My wife and I never got to physically visit the house in conjunction with pregnancy of our first child. They were able to provide competent walk-throughs, financial projections/comparisons, potential repairs, and helped guide us to make informed decisions. Regardless of day or night, their response time was always immediate. We could not be happier with the way things went and absolutely love our new home. Throughout this process, Gary and Michelle went above and beyond to take care of our best interests and look out for our family. We are forever grateful for them.

Jimenze -2020

Gary and Michelle Harris were just wonderful!

They walked us through every step of the way, always there when I had a question or concern. I HIGHLY recommend them to anyone who is either buying or selling a home!

Robin Dobey – 2019

Absolutely the best people to work with when buying a home.

They are very knowledgeable in the home buying process and made life so easy while I was purchasing my home. They were very patient and understanding during the whole process. And when we hit a snag they swooped in and saved the day. Following their advice and recommendations was the best thing I did. They really are an awesome team!

Charlene Lee – 2019

As a first time home buyer, I was extremely lucky to be matched up with Gary and Michelle.

Gary took the time to answer all of my questions and really listened to what we were looking for in our first home. He kept in contact with me when we had to pause our search for a few months, and picked up right where we left off. They were able to explain the whole process as we went and help me make informed decisions at every turn. They really made me feel comfortable, and treated my home search as if they were buying it themselves. They were even available for later hour calls and questions, which is great since my husband and i work 9-5 jobs.

Jessica Jupin – 2017

I’m grateful that we were referred to Gary and Michelle.

Anytime my husband or I had a concern/question, they were quick to get us the information we needed. They were very flexible and happily worked around our hectic schedule. They made the home buying process very smooth and stress-free. The whole process from start to finish was very smooth thanks to Gary and Michelle.

Angelica Hoover – 2018

Me and my wife are first time home buyers, and I am also a veteran.

My wife and I had just had twin girls and were in a big rush to get a 4 bedroom house but we had no idea where to begin. Gary and Michelle were referred to us by a lending company and were extremely satisfied with the quality of everything they represented. I work long and unusual hours and my wife was in school 3 hours away, while only being available 1 or 2 days a week and still managed to find us an amazing home in less than 2 weeks. I have to write a long review to truly explain how these 2 amazing people helped us. Gary had my best interest at heart, he knew I had to hurry to buy a house but would pull me to the side and ask me questions about the house and was making sure I wasn’t just picking a house to pick one. When my lending team was kind of dragging their feet on some things and not communicating as often as me and my wife were expecting, Michelle was very prompt and professional in making sure they were letting us know everything in a timely manner. Even after we have bought this house they have called and made sure it was everything we hoped, I really hope this helps future new home buyers and veterans in choosing this awesome couple. 

Tyler Gillette-2019

Gary and Michelle were referred to us my Veterans United.

They called us and introduced themselves to us and right away they provided a listing of homes that were available. We found one, and with the outstanding network connections they had, they were able to connect us with the builder's representative. We fell in love with the house and decided to go into contract. We had experienced delays in construction and ended up with a completion of January 2023. Circumstances had made us to make a difficult decision to back out of the contract. Gary and Michelle gave us extremely important advice on what to do. Their personable communication with us allowed us to make the best decision. We were able to get out of contract and was able to find a new home the next day. Their constant communication and advice made us feel comfortable and at ease. Gary and Michelle were in constant communication and was always available when we had questions. Gary and Michelle explained every step of the home buying process and recommended home inspections and walkthroughs and even extended home warranties. Their wealth of knowledge in realty and the areas we wanted to move were on point and beneficial to us. They are so easy to talk with and always go the extra mile to explain things that are complicated to us. I highly recommend Gary and Michelle to anyone wanting to buy a house. We were in contract 12/12/22 and we closed on 12/30/22. They helped us along the way, through thick and thin. We were able to close on our first house because of Gary and Michelle. They were in constant communication with our lender and information flowed efficiently. We are blessed to have Gary and Michelle part of our home buying experience! Keep up the great work in making dreams come true! You both made our dream home a reality! Jason & Michelle and family

Jason & Michelle

The team of Michelle and Gary Harris is Excellent.

They are very good at what they do, very nice couple who is always striving to provide the best for their clients! We were extremely Lucky to have them referred to us by our Daughter. They are very knowledgeable and always kept us up to date on our loan process. They are also a very likable couple and extremely hard working. Anybody trying to Buy or sell a home in Oklahoma would be lucky to have them on their side. Thanks again Michelle and Gary for all your help in making our move from California possible. We are very grateful!

Abe Varela – 2019

Gary is very knowledgeable about the market and homes.

He is not afraid to tell you when he doesn’t feel comfortable about something in the home or neighborhood. Michelle is extremely knowledgeable and helpful with closing and contracts. The team together makes for a full package, all you have to do is tell them the home you want.

Ables – 2021

First time home buyers, Gary & Michelle made the process very easy!

John Cunningham – 2018

We will always be ready to recommend Gary and Michelle to all we meet that are looking for real estate help or advice.

Their help and willingness to answer our questions and offer information and advice was greatly appreciated. They both offered details that we needed to consider and take action on in a timely manner.

The Millers – 2017

What a wonderful, patient, understanding, follow through, knowledgeable realty team.

We had some challenges finding a house we liked and once Gary made us realize we could build with our VA loan, we went for it. They helped us with every little detail and got us our dream home. They will fight for you and make sure you are comfortable with every decision you make. And boy, we talked to them a lot. Lol. If it wasn’t for them, we probably would have given up. We just love them. Thank you Gary and Michelle.

Christenson – 2021

Gary and Michelle did a wonderful job helping us find a home in OKC.

They are quite knowledgeable and provide strong advice throughout the process. Great job, Team Harris!

 Robert Hill- 2019

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